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About Usenet newsgroups.
alt: This is by far the largest and most diversehierarchy; all manner of topics can be found here. As there is noformal newsgroup creation procedure, anyone may create an alt group at any time. For this reason, many newsservers either do not carry alt, or subscribe to only asmall portion of its groups.
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What's' a Newsgroup? Our forums are based upon standard Internet-style USENET newsgroups. Although reminiscent of eMail messaging, newsgroups add the powerful concept of conversation" threads" where people are able to reply to specific public postings and the newsgroup system keeps track of these individual conversation threads.
newsgroup Wiktionary.
newsgroup plural newsgroups. A repository on a computer network where people can post messages, usually about a single subject. 2003, Sven Junghagen, Henrik C. Linderoth, Intelligent Management in the Knowledge Economy Some of the users are old timers' they have been around in the newsgroup for several years.
Definition of Newsgroup.
You can choose from a number of different Newsreader" programs that allow you to access and participate in newsgroups. Newsgroup access has also been integrated into Netscape and Internet Explorer, so you can just use your Web browser if you want.
FAQs By Newsgroup.
FAQs By Newsgroup. FAQs By Newsgroup. Usenet FAQs Web FAQs Documents RFC Index. Internet RFC Index. Usenet FAQ Index. Web Hosting Ratings. Search the FAQ Archives. 3 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z.
Usenet Newsgroup.
Initially it was limited to two sites but today there are thousands of Usenet sites involving millions of people. Usenet is a kind of discussion group where people can share views on topic of their interest. The article posted to a newsgroup becomes available to all readers of the newsgroup.
Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchies - alt, comp, humanities misc, news, rec, sci, soc, talk LivingInternet.
Usenet Newsgroup Hierarchies - alt, comp, humanities misc, news, rec, sci, soc, talk. The Newsgroups line specifies which newsgroup or newsgroups the article belongs in. Newsgroups specified must all be the names of existing newsgroups, as no new newsgroups will be created by simply posting to them.
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All of our usenet blocks include: Up to 3,500, days of binary retention, no expiration date, free posting, free headers, header compression, and the ability to share with your friends. Choose How Many Gigabytes of Data You Need.: Looking for usenet deals?
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Your newsgroup is created and ready for posting! Newsgroups will never replace e-mail or chat rooms for quick communication, but they are definitely a valuable online resource when you are looking for very specific information or help with a problem.
List of newsgroups - Wikipedia.
This is the most extensive newsgroup hierarchy outside of the Big 8. alt.atheism - discusses atheism. alt.binaries.slack - artwork created by and for the Church of the SubGenius. alt.config - creation of new newsgroups in the alt hierarchy. - the first alt newsgroup for discussion of sexual topics.

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